“your hubby is part of a failed system” – Fan Blasts Regina Daniels

The Popular Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has been fired by her fans on her online media page after she shared an ongoing post about what her better half got for her.

The moving news in Nigeria for as long as about fourteen days presently is the dissent against SARS and police brutality. This protest comes after the uncontrolled killings and ruthlessness allotted on the young people of Nigeria by the police power.

Amidst the protest, Regina Daniels took to her Instagram page to display her costly wristwatch and a car she named as “four-wheel plane”. These costly presents originated from her husband as a major aspect of her birthday presents. Regina Daniels paraded her costly wristwatch and asserted that the watch sold for 24 million naira.

Her post anyway didn’t go down well with a portion of her adherents. Her fans communicating blended responses helped her to remember the ongoing happenings in Nigeria; the protest.

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