1 out of 2 runaway coronavirus patient in Oyo state found



One of the two coronavirus patients who absconded in Oyo State has been found by authorities.

Recall the state’s governor, Seyi Makinde had earlier announced that two people were unaccounted for in the state after testing positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19.

However, in a series of tweets the Governor has now revealed that one of the patients had been found.

“After intensive contact tracing, one of them has been found and admitted to the IDC, Olodo,” he said.

Makinde said the other patient is a 10-year-old boy that eyewitnesses say has boarded a vehicle bound for the northern part of the country.

“His details have been sent to the Sokoto State PHEOC. Contact tracing is still ongoing,” the governor said.

See his tweet below:


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