Israel’s Coronavirus Czar Threatens Lockdown, If citizens Don’t Stop Gathering


Coronavirus Czar of Israel, Prof. Roni Gamzu, has announced on Tuesday that the task of deciding to begin school year on time will be taken this week.

During a public briefing  Gamzu said that;

“we need to reduce the morbidity and open the school year, the thinking which has guided the Education Minister is largely correct, but this decision should be made in the next two days with the Education Minister, the Health Minister and my recommendation.”

While addressing the morbidity levels in Israel, Gamzu said that

“there is a decrease in the number of tests. There is also a situation in the population in which people are afraid to be tested for all sorts of reasons. It bothers me and creates an effect of latent morbidity.”

He however warned the public when he said;

“I want to succeed in stopping the gatherings and I tell the citizens of Israel – if you cannot stop yourself from gathering, then maybe there is no choice but to impose a closure.”

Prof. Gamzu also said that

“critical” work needs to be done in the “red” cities such as Bnei Brak, Elad, Beitar Illit and Modi’in Illit. “These cities are not being managed as well as they could be. A lot more work needs to be done there and it is not happening fast enough. If the morbidity continues to grow – in the end there will be a closure in Modi’in Illit.”

Source; Tale Tela

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