A Photo Of Sad-looking Nana Agradaa In Handcuffs Pops Up Online – Her Dwarves Have Left Her To Face The Law

Nana Agradaa‘s dwarves have left her sorry ass in misery — as none of them was present to deliver her from the hands of the BNI officers who stormed her house and arrested her over her sika gari scam.

A photo of obviously powerless Nana Agradaa looking very sad in handcuffs has popped up on the internet and as usual, internet folks are trolling her and her powerless gods.

TRENDING VIDEO: Nana Agradaa To Be Freed If The People She’s Allegedly Defrauded Do Not Report To The National Security

Nana Agradaa is currently being kept in the cells of the BNI as her case is being investigated and probably prosecuted for scamming gullible Ghanaians who foolishly thought she could double their hard-earned money.

Nana Agradaa is now in big trouble — with her dwarves nowhere to be found. Check the photo below…

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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