Another One!!! Instagram Suspends Tunde Ednut’s Account For A 3rd Time

Tunde Ednut
It looks like Instagram isn’t done dealing with popular blogger Tunde Ednut has they have suspended his account for the 3rd time. The blogger who has been having a series of issues with the social media platform has once again been suspended.

Tunde Ednut

Tunde EdnutA search for the blogger’s account shows no result except for fan pages and clone pages opened in his name by different people.  A suspension of an account by Instagram means that it has violated some community rules of the platform.
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The blogger a few weeks ago had bragged that he will rather lose his Instagram account than apologize to anyone. He shared that he is a king and would never do a video on Instagram to apologize to anyone ever. Tunde mentioned that if ever needs to apologize he will call the person over the phone but never on Instagram. He shared that people can delete his Instagram page again if they want but he will never tender an apology to anyone.
Tunde Ednut
Photo Credit: Instagram

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