Ayisha Modi – The Barking B*tch Capable Of Fighting With Her Own Shadow

By the close of this year, barking b*tch, Ayisha Modi is likely to fight everyone in the entertainment industry. She is even likely to fight with Stonebwoy and his wife, Dr Louisa.

Ayisha Modi who is capable of fighting her own shadow has taken his rants and nonsense to Fashionista and actress Nana Akua Addo and according to her, Nana Akua used her years ago and gave her nothing.

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Ayisha Modi claims that at age 14, Nana Akua Addo made her walk from Mile 7 to Accra to share flyers of Miss Malaika Ghana and then walked back to Mile 7 but she gave her nothing.

This is funny! How old was Nana Akua Addo when Ayisha Modi was 14 years old? 10 years? Nana Akua Addo obviously used her brains to get a job done for her.

Here’s what Ayisha Modi wrote on her Instagram page;

“Life paaa dia! I remember when I was 14 years old this witch made me walk from Mile7 to Accra and walk back from Accra to Mile7 , sharing @missmalaikagh flyers. Kwasia What did u give me in return, lemme hear bulshit from u again. Madam I don’t fight anymore I beat. Talk ur nonsense again and lemme catch u. Fucking you @nanaakuaaddo . Aw but Rose paa what can u show me? Fuck off. You yourself you know am 1 person u can’t fight cos if I say Fiii ur whole life will just be short down. Think before u Art . Wannabe slay queens fuo”.

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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