#BBNaija: Prince Reveals Interest In Taking Part In Politics


BBNaija’s Prince has revealed that he is a Pure Physics graduate from the University of Calabar while explaining how and why he delved into entertainment despite having a science background.

He said;

“I like science, I like to study stuff and read a whole lot on a normal day. The whole modelling and acting was a passion i had. I always wanted to be on TV. So I was like, why can’t I do both? I don’t have to use my degree. The way the world is going now, you can make money off your talent. Entertainment was a passion I had and I’m happy I’m living the dream now.”

“Me in the house was 100% per cent who I am. I didn’t go in there with any strategy because one thing I learnt from watching this show over the years is fact that you don’t want to go into the house with a strategy. You can’t pretend for that long. Someway, somehow, you’ll slip up.

“And if you leave the house, you’ll have to continue with whatever character you portrayed in the house. So for me, I was 100% myself in the house. My friends and family know this. I’m the same person in the house that I was even before I went into the house.”

“For me, I like to learn new stuff. Not just science but random stuff cuz i hate being bored. Back in 2012 when I was looking for admission and hadn’t gotten. I had another year to stay at home so I decided to get the training by working in a salon for a year before I got admission. I also learnt makeup from my sister. I was just learning it at the time for the sake of it and not to use it.”

“I never gave it a thought then but right now, seeing the opportunity that it’s going to bring my way, I’ll definitely go into it and I’m going to do it well.”

“And we could have intellectual conversations,”

“Acting, hosting, agriculture, and focus on clothing line I started before going into the house. In the future, I’ll like to go into politics. I have a lot planned.”

Tale Tela

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