#BBNaijaReunion: Lilo Opens Up About Vee Betrayed Her

It will be recalled that, while in the house, Lilo and Vee were close and were supposed to be friends but when Lilo’s name came up for eviction, Vee nominated her.

Vee’s actions hurt Lilo’s feelings and she brought it up at the reunion stating that she had thought Vee was her friend and was not expecting her to do her like that.

Vee explained that she nominated Lilo because she didn’t see Lilo as someone who wanted to be there as much or didn’t want it bad enough. She said Lilo looked like she was there for a man as she was always clinching to Eric and never mingled with anyone.

LiIo, however, expected Vee to act as a friend to her and talk to her about how she felt and not just judge her and throw her under the bus like that.

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