Bobrisky finally opens up on why she had to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance her butt

Nigerian Crossdresser, Bobrisky has finally disclosed the reason why she was so passionate about enhancing her butt and had to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Bobrisky reason surgery

According to the male barbie, she had said in a recent update on her Instagram that she did the liposuction surgery to please her boyfriend.

She further gave disarming details of her boyfriend as she mentioned that he’s a billionaire with dark skin and cute lips.

Here’s what she said;

“I’m doing it to please my boyfriend!!! He is so cute 🥰
Dark skin
A billionaire
Cute lips
So I need to look EXTREMELY HOT 🔥 to continue matching his spec 😍. I also don’t him to stop spending that cash on ur MUMMY OF LAGOS ❤️❤️❤️”

Bobrisky reason surgery

In a subsequent post, Bob has revealed that she’s been rushed to the hospital due to the untold pains from the surgery.

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