Check Out Luxurious Cars Owned By Comedian Basket Mouth

Bright Okpocha, referred on the stage as Basketmouth, is an enriched Nigerian joke artist whose affection for conspicuous vehicles has as been uncovered.

With a Net Worth of 2 billion Naira, this fruitful joke artist’s assortment of toys would intrigue you. Look at them!

1. His Honda Cross tour

BasketMouth made waves in the news after he gifted his wife a brand new Honda Cross tour for her birthday. Almost resembling an SUV, this car has a very simple but flashy appearance. Honda Cross tour undoubtedly a perfect fit for his wife.



2. Opel Insignia

How wonderful it would be if we all could get our very own versions of a car. Yes! Your favourite comedian has an Opel Insignia  -which was customized according to his specification. At the time when he ordered for this car from Belgium, It is alleged that he was the first and only person in Africa to own this car




3. His Lexus LX570

He calls this toy ‘ Aunty Maria’. The 26 million Naira Lexus is as majestic as it appears.



4. Toyota Highlander

This 19 million Naira 4 wheel drive is a beauty! With a sleek appearance and classy interior, we can only say that Basket Mouth truly buys the best of cars.


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