Checkout These Top Five Nigerian Comedy Channels On YouTube


Scientist researches has proved that a good dose of laughter is essential as it helps to boosts the immune system. Therefore, as we carry out our daily hustle, laughter is a very good outlet for releasing stress.

Nigerian comedians have remained valid on the scene as they have overtime made the cracks in our cultural diversity and day-to-day interactions to create authentic and engaging content that is gaining popularity amongst local audiences.

On this note, here are the top five Nigerian comedy channels on YouTube;

1. Mark Angel Comedy:

Has over six million subscribers and more than a billion views. The channel has delivered undiluted comedy to its audience since 2013. The channel features as main characters Emanuella, followed by Chukwuemeka, Denilson Igwe and Success as they entertain fans with scenarios that reveal their ridiculousness and wittiness.

2. Nigeria Comedy Skit:

Nigeria Comedy Skit collates comedy skits from Nollywood movies and other Nigerian comedians who share content on the internet. Most of the videos on the channel are from the Nollywood comedy stars, Aki and PawPaw. It also features videos from comedians like Sirbalo Clinic, Baba de Baba, Aboki 4 Christ and others. It has over 150 million views, the videos on this channel are clearly leaving Nigerians laughing.

3. AY Comedian

AY Comedian is the official YouTube channel of Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY, a highly celebrated Nigerian top comedian. His channel has over 120 million views with more than 600 000 subscribers and features hilarious videos from previous AY shows, AY skits with popular celebrities, AY Crib Sitcom and more. AY is particularly known for the “Who wants to be a Billionaire” skits where Akpos uses warri pidgin language to anchor a parody of the “Who wants to be a millionaire” show.

4. Official Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi, popularly referred to as Nigeria’s number one fine boy “agebero”. The “Oya Hit Me” comedian has over 500 000 subscribers and over 90 million views on his YouTube Channel,  Official Broda Shaggi. To get an idea of how funny he is, check out Big Brother Naija’s Mercy Lambo slapping Broda Shaggi, when Broda Shaggi finally kissed DJ Cuppied or if you need to know what Broda Shaggi looks for in a woman. His goofy videos will leave you hooting with laughter.

5. Yawa Skits

Yawa Skits is a comedy series about survival.  The channel has over 300, 000 subscribers and above 30 million views. The videos are based on the Kalistus daily struggle to earn a living by all means. Check out The Impersonator, The Accidental Drug Dealer and Bus Runz for a good laugh.

Source; Tale Tela

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