China releases new animation mocking the US’ response to Coronavirus pandemic (Photos/Video)



The People’s Republic of China has published a short animation titled: “Once Upon a Virus” mocking the United States’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The animation which used Lego-like figures to represent the two countries, was posted online by the Chinese controlled Xinhua news agency.

The animation comes days after Trump alleged China was trying to help Joe Biden win the upcoming US Presidential elections by lying about the Coronavirus situation in their country until it spread round the world with over 60,000 Americans now dead.

The animation also comes after Trump said during the week that he was confident the coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese virology lab, but declined to describe the evidence.

In the cartoon, red curtains open to reveal a stage featuring Lego-like figures in the form of a terracotta warrior wearing a face mask and the Statue of Liberty.

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