Denrele Edun Warns Crossdressers

Nigerian media personality and entertainment host, Denrele Edun during a live session on Instagram with Bolu Okukpe, Denrele Edun shared his thoughts on how people ride on his fame to trend on social media. According to him, there is a common trend on social media where rising cross dressers try to drag famous cross dressers into the beefs in the quest to be recognized.

The interviewer asked Denrele why he mentioned the name of controversial cross dresser Bobrisky in several interviews he has granted in the past. Bolu asked Denrele if he thinks young upcoming cross dressers try to use him to trend.

Denrele replied,

“There’s nothing that I haven’t seen that any social media sensation would bring my way”. He emphasized that he is an easy target for clout chasers who cross-dress. According to Denrele, he is okay if upcoming want to use his name to trend because he feels flattered, I’m at an age where I don’t care. Feel free to talk about me, put it out on social media let me but if I meet you in person, I will beat you up with my karate skills”,

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