Diamond Appiah Busted For ‘Stealing’ A Picture Of Gold-plated Ceramic WC From Google And Claiming That’s What She Uses In Her Mansion

Failed musician and politician, Diamond Appiah, in trying all she could to convince internet folks that she’s richer and living a better life than Mzbel ended up embarrassing herself on Instagram and she is now a laughing stock on the internet.

For days, Diamond Appiah has been raining insults on Mzbel over claims that she is behind the Instagram ghost page, Aba the Great and also alleged that Mzbel was dumped by Kofi Amoabeng after his hidden camera caught her stealing money from his bedside drawer.

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Now back to Diamond Appiah turning into a laughing stock on Instagram. She went to Google, ‘stole’ a picture of gold-plated ceramic WC and claimed that’s what she uses in her mansion.

But a check on Google exposed her bleached sorry ass. Diamond Appiah is obviously clueless about how the internet works thought she could lie by stealing that picture on Google and flaunt it on Instagram as hers to prove to total strangers that she’s indeed richer than Mzbel but that never worked as she has been busted and laughed at.

It’s also alleged that Diamond Appiah hasn’t been able to furnish her mansion all because she is broke as her audio businesses aren’t doing well.

Check the pictures below and see for yourself…

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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