Efia Odo Cautions Ghanaians To Vote Wisely; Uses Olonka Of Gari Prices To Make Striking Argument

Efia Odo has cautioned Ghanaians to make the right choice as whatever line of action taken as a nation with regards to who is voted for as President, would ultimately determine our standard of living as a people.

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The social media celebrity, who passionately identifies as an actress, retweeted a tweet by a supposed fan, who posted a compelling graph of the drastic price increase of an olonka of gari under the NPP government, as opposed to the previous NDC government. The fan captioned the post, “Vote Akuffo-Addo Out”.

The “actress” upon coming across the tweet, was quick to retweet it, with the caption, “Hmmm vote wisely”. Which for even the shallowest of minds is indicative of her stance, as far as who she is most likely to vote for in the upcoming 2020 Elections is concerned. Whether the entirety of her decision to vote the sitting President out of office is based on the increase in prices of Gari or not, remains unknown.

See Screenshot below:

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