Fix Yourselves First, You’re Full Of Greed, Hate And Selfishness – NPP’s Prince David Osei Throws Shots At ‘Fix The Country’ Campaigners

NPP’s Prince David Osei has thrown some shots at those championing the ‘Fix The Country’ campaign aimed at compelling greedy bastard politicians to be on their toes and make things work in the country.

Prince David Osei is telling you all to fix your damn selves before barking at politicians to fix the country. He believes that once people are able to fix themselves, politicians will be compelled to fix the nation.

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Here is what he wrote on Instagram;

“Ghana will be better and well fixed if we the citizenry fix ourselves first.. Say no to Hate, Greed, Selfishness, Nonchalant Attitude, Tribalism.. We move!! #fixyourself 🇬🇭 and then Ghana will be fixed for all to enjoy!! ❤️ #wemove… Is it not the same human beings that works in government and a place of power? Are they not citizens of Ghana?? From the church to the flagstaff house is all corrupt!!! So let’s fix ourselves first, that will translate to fixing our country Ghana!!! Amen”.

The hashtag #Fixthecountry is currently trending on all social media platforms we hope it yields some positive results in the country.

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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