Fuse ODG Sends Message Of Gratitude To God On His Birthday

It is by no means an understatement when said that this year has been by far one of the most debilitating and mentally challenging years for all of humanity.

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From the plummeting of several world economies to the outbreak of the dreaded COVID-19 virus, this year has taken the world through a whirlwind of emotions.

It is for this reason and more that, British-Ghanaian Musical Icon, Fuse ODG, is in a grateful mood today, as it marks his birthday and a new chapter in his life. The young prodigy with a spirit of gratitude took to social media to express his profound thanks to God for adding another year to his life.

He took to his Twitter page saying;

“Birthday bwoy dat! Grateful for life! Thank you, God, for another year. Thank you all for the love.… This year has been eventful to say the least but God will never put us through anything that we cannot handle. Continue to smile for me birthday bwoy..greatness ahead”.

A message of hope like this is what all of humanity needs in this time of turmoil and uncertainty that we find ourselves in, more so, as we approach elections. Fuse ODG is of the vehement opinion that God will never give his children more than they can bare under any circumstances.

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