G a y s Are One Of The Most Successful People – Nigerian Gay Man, Ayomide Brags

Nigerian Openly g*y chef, Ayomide has taken to social

media to brag about how Nigerian g*y people are influential and successful.

According to him, g*y people are blessed and the most successful and influential.

He took to his Instagram page and wrote:

“For how long will we continue to deny our s*xual orientation? Being g*ys, we are blessed as one of the most influential and successful in Nigeria.”

“If someone asks me who am i? I reply, i am a Homosexual”

“The name h0m0sexual looks strange to h0m0ph0bic people, it’s not strange to me because it’s a blessing, it reveals my personality”

Credit: Punch Newz.

Source: Newzandar.com

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