Highlife Legend Nana Kwame Ampadu Says He Will Choose Fame Over Money Any Day

Opinions are like noses, but it usually has a couple of holes in it, they say. The real question, however, is do those who have bigger, well-rounded and or pointed noses possess stronger, more convicting opinions?

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Legendary Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Nana Kwame Ampadu seems to be of the opinion that fame is of more value than money. He made this shocking revelation in a recent interview, where he confidently stated that in as much as some individuals pride in wealth and material possessions, fame would always be a better option to him, as far the two remain the subject of comparison.

Ampadu furthered that, he is not a rich fellow, neither is he a poor man, but as far as his basic needs and wants go, God has got him covered. He stated, “I thank God I don’t beg to eat”. The musician went on using the scriptural text that states, “a good name is better than riches”, as the baseline for his argument.

He revealed that his reputation alone, has accorded him opportunities for not just himself alone, but his children as well, furthering that no amount of money and worldly possession could be a replacement for such a profound blessing.

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