I Face S e x u a l H a r a s s m e n t From The Women Than Men – Actress Ada Ebere Cries Out

Nollywood actress and comedienne, Ada Ebere aka Ada la Pinky

, is infuriated that her big b00bs have become objects of attraction to men, and even women, who can’t take their eyes off them.

According to the Internet queen, while speaking with Inside Nollywood revealed that her big b00bs, which are her unique selling points, are natural even though, some people think she had br*ast e*largement done.

“People see my b00bs before they see me. Whenever I go out, men and women stare at my b00bs before even looking at my face. So, I think my b00bs are my unique selling points. I didn’t do br*ast e*largement, they are all natural. I never liked big b00bs. I’d have preferred a portable size but here I am blessed with large ones and I am grateful

However, I might do b*tts e*largement to align with my b00bs, because I have always been a fan of big b00ties. I want to have big b*tts. Also, the s*xual h*rassment I face comes only from ladies,” she said.

However, Ada bemoaned her pains and discomfort for having large br*asts.”I can’t run. I find it difficult to run unless I hold my ch*st. Another challenge is that I can’t sleep on my chest; it has to be either upright or sideways. It was so p*inful during my growing up days” she said.

Source; Newzandar News

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