“I’ll Show You Pepper In This House” – Vee, Wathoni Fight Over Bed


Vee and Wathoni were engaged in a heated argument on Monday night which shows them hurling angry insults at each other.

The drama began after Vee suggested that Wathoni should take over either Lilo’s or Ka3na’s bed, since she doesn’t have her personal bed in the house.

Wathoni however picked offence with Vee’s suggestion, and went about saying that Vee was chasing her out from the room. Vee approached her again about the issue and warned her to stop talking to every housemate about the bed situation, adding that she just wanted her to have her space not chase her out of the room.

This resulted to a shouting march between both parties. Vee called Wathoni ‘a completely mad person and Olodo.” and threatened to show Wathoni ‘Pepper’ in the house from henceforth. She retorted angrily;

“Every other day I hear about this bed situation, I’ll continue to react.

Don’t test me Wathoni I am also mad.”

In response to this Vee said;

“You’re stupid, I’ll show you pepper in this house,”

Watch the video below;

Source; Tale Tela

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