Ka3na Advises Those Mocking Her Accent

Praise Reacts To Lasting Five Seconds In Bed

The reality star has been receiving tons of black lash because of the big brother reunion show ,this owning to her extreme honesty and boss lady attitude ,although many find her to be arrogant proud and classless some seem to admirer her take charge attitude.

Those who seem to hate the self acclaimed BOSSLADY Ka3na say that what they cant stand most from her is her confusing fake accent .

The boss lady however in bid to prove she has a tough skin and is not moved by all the current shades being thrown at her took to her social media page to write;

“No be English I use buy my houses and numerous businesses! Na brain work, if anyone is without sin let him be the first to throw a stone at her otherwise ,chill in your sitting room and enjoy the show”.

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