Keke Palmer Filmed Her Entire ‘Sticky’ Video In Quarantine (video)

American actress, singer and TV personality, Keke Palmer turns into a modern Jessica Rabbit in her brand new video for “Sticky”.

The 26-year-old singer and daytime host shared to Billboard about the hot visual that it was filmed in quarantine, “which is also why it is a bit simple.”

She adds that “I was like, ‘I wanna keep it light, I wanna keep it under five [people] on set,’ you know what I mean? So it was definitely something I was being careful with and why I think also played a part in me just keeping it solo and making it just about my looks and serving you attitude and vibes with some of the art direction.”

“I think I just felt like a little modernized Jessica Rabbit in the red look,” she says. “And then the makeup! I loved it so much, because it was like playing off the red, but it wasn’t red, it was pink. So to me, I was having so much fun with the look with the whole glam, I think“, she concluded.

Watch video here:

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