Mark Wright Loves The Nights In With Wife Michelle Keegan

mark and michelle

Television presenter and former reality star has been spending much more quality time at home with his wife Michelle Keegan ever since the lockdown, admitting to the fact that the time he spends to hangout with friends doesn’t appeal to him.

Talking about his new found lockdown life style, the media personality said;

”I didn’t have a coffee today for the first time since lockdown started. I just felt lethargic in the gym, I was actually in a bad mood. I feel like I’m becoming a bit dependent on an espresso in the morning. I do my 9am workout on an empty stomach and I need energy, so I would absolutely say my caffeine intake has gone up …”

“I’ve used alcohol a lot more sensibly. I’ve been using it a lot more regularly, but probably more like how you’re supposed to. Once or twice a week I’ll have a glass of wine or two with dinner, whereas back in the day I’d wait for the weekend and get absolutely smashed with my mates.”

“That’ll definitely be a habit I take forward in life: the idea of smashing shots doesn’t really appeal to me, but a lovely dinner with my wife and having a lovely glass of wine appeals a lot more.”

”I’m lucky enough to say I don’t suffer from any serious mental health issues, although everybody – I believe, I hope it’s not just me – will wake up and feel a bit down, a bit negative about life, even when there’s no reason to.

“Lockdown brings that on more because there’s more time to think, less time out of the house, so I do worry for people who suffer from mental health issues in a more serious way and I hope things get better. What works for me is training.”

Source; Tale Tela

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