May 20, 2022

Movie Review: Nsisi Ogulu’s ”The Satchel” Is A Beacon Of Hope For Animated Films In Nigeria

Movie Review: Nsisi Ogulu’s ”The Satchel” Is A Beacon Of Hope For Animated Films In Nigeria

Rising artist in the international music scene, Nsisi Ogulu has released her debut short film titled The Satchel. From Creele studios, the anticipated short animated film was released on the 20th of January, 2022.nsisiNsisi who directed and co-produced this animated short film shows she can be versatile in another level. She played multi characters in terms of voices for the film.
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Unto the matter, The Satchel is an adaptation of the famous Yoruba mythology.
This time she focuses on a rife between Obatala and Oduduwa, two Yoruba gods and how the creation of the earth came about. Other gods such as Olodumare are also present in this animated movie.
Nsisi starts this story from the middle but we are able to understand the journey thus far and the reason for where the story starts from. This is one of the pecks of adapting an already famous story.
In terms of the graphics this short film being an animation, We can’t help but give it to Nsisi. For not taking us back to the old and terrible animations of years ago that we had before in Nigeria. She steps up to give us a well detailed and comprehensive animation telling a story. As she is able to produce a smooth blend in terms of the music and costume used to portray this story. The music used in this short animated film is typical of the genre Nsisi chose. All the qualities of narrating a traditional African story in terms of music, costume, language, culture portrayal are present here.
Final Thoughts
To produce an animated film one should ensure that the storyline and telling technique are in line and will be portrayed aptly when animated. Nsisi hits this nail on the head in The Satchel as we can’t help but say good job for a film which is her debut. She chose a different path and looking at the end product, we can say she is on the right path. Thumbs up to her as we expect more.Photo Credit: Getty

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