February 28, 2021

Music Review: CKay’s 3rd EP Speaks The Heart Of Every ”Boyfriend” To Their Girlfriends

Music Review: CKay’s 3rd EP Speaks The Heart Of Every ”Boyfriend” To Their Girlfriends

Amazingly talented singer, CKay has released a beautiful piece of his heart as he drops his new EP titled, ‘’Boyfriend.’’ The Afropop and Afrosoul singer gives us his 3rd EP with all the love a boyfriend could muster. Getting on the ride to unwrap this gift that has been given to us promises to be a fantastic journey.ckay Firstly, CKay deserves some accolade for standing up for all the Boyfriends out there, for lyrically taking their desires and putting them into this body of work.
Jeje de Whine
is that perfect groove you need when driving, chilling with friends, it is a very flexible song that fits into any situation. I must say, this song is 100% a hit single candidate. His tonality and vocal ability are at the perfect pace and level. We see the artiste telling his love interest to whine carefully as he is being swept off his feet just like a boyfriend would.
Mezebu feat Oxlade and Kidi, these three on this track is a very rare but unique combo as they seamlessly blend into one another when you listen to this track. It’s like the similarity in their voices, and also style of singing stands out in a very flawless way.
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While he is talking about the overwhelming feeling of being without his boo and how he can’t leave without her. He declares that he has Mezebu indeed, he says, ”I think I drank too much, I’m texting my ex cos I drank too much, My head no correct I dey think too much, I don start to dey talk plenty tins wey me no, Supposed to talk, E be why I dey chop insult.”Kiss Me Like You Miss Me is the perfect lover boy track every guy really wants to sing. The beats and tune here are very beautiful. He says, ‘’Kiss me like you miss me, bae, Put me for your dp, bae, Whenever you’re with me, bae, My body dey sweet me, babe, Freaky-freaky, freaky bae, Put you for my status, bae, Let them know about us bae, surely’’. This track embodies what guys actually want to say but are not able to tell their girlfriend so they won’t seem too clingy. This is the apt boyfriend track. He takes the words deep from the heart of guys and dishes it out with badass beats and instrumentals. The use of the guitar here is just the right instrumental to portray the right feeling. There is this spice guitar adds especially when it is used rightly.
Looking at this body of work, we can see that the artiste really took his time working on these tracks and creates a meeting point where they all make sense, drawing a magnificent picture for us. Joining the dots from one track to another, this EP makes perfect sense.
Another song that has the embodiments of being a hit single is this track right here, Felony, firstly the trumpet here just blows one’s mind. Taking a closer look he sounds like Omah-Lay on this particular jam but his style is slightly different from the latter. If you are a lover of Omah-Lay, you will definitely be a lover of CKay. The synchronization on all his beats is aesthetically pleasing, no caps. Finally, he mentions the name of his love interest who has been making him mezebu and cry out to be on status and dp, Isabella. On the track Isabella, we get insights into the dilemma he is in. The dilemma of being in love or lust. He sings, ‘’Could it be lust, or could it be true love?’’
CKay just gives us lover boy vibes from the first track to the last track and Show My Side feat Amaarae is no different. Amaarae is just a diva that killed this song, hands down. She added this foreign yet Nelly and Kelly vibe to this track. The sultriness and sexiness embodied in this song are couple worthy.
Skoin Skoin feat Bianca Costa, I love the fact that he didn’t feature the world on this EP but the few people he featured are just the right cast needed to make this body of work perfect. The lyrical quality is in tandem with the central theme of the entire piece of work that one can’t help but applaud CKay. He really has done a good job. Bianca Costa is just the right spice he needs on the track and she is the right blend. Another hit single worth is this track right here, no cap at all.
CKay himself is a genius and a fantastic songwriter, and this body of work reinforces this.
Lyrics check
Synchronization check
Tonal quality check
Vocal quality check
Beats and rhythm check
Everything gets a check from me. The whole five-star, he deserves it.
Final Thoughts
For a young star, CKay is really going up and will soon be permanently in our faces and playlist very soon. He has dropped tracks that are worth celebrating through different situations. Every track on this album is worth the time used in listening to it, we can say it is time well spent. This talented singer is here to stay and very soon just the same way the likes of Omah Lay, Rema, and co stormed in on us, CKay is the next level. So much work, effort, time, and creativity on a piece of work and this is just the beginning. The perfect Boyfriend EP to be sung by all boyfriends. Photo Credit: Getty

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