“My Aims, Vision Were Just To Be A Good Actor -Yemi Blaq

yemi blaq

He is not one of the many actors who takes pride in media or public attention at the easiest opportunity. Yemi Blaq as he is popularly known prefers to have a life style that is free of all fame and fanfare.

Blaq explains in an interview the reason why he is not the regular actor. He said;

“My aims and vision were just to be a good actor. To be good at what I do to be recognised for it, to be able to do the job for a long time, I love the fact that acting gives me the chance to live many lifetimes in one so for me, that was basically all.

“Not for the fame nor really for the money, I mean it’s good to make a living out of it but I wasn’t focused on just doing it because I want to be famous. Quite contrary to what one would expect as an actor, I’m not one that seeks fame that much, fame is not something that I’m comfortable with, I like to be anonymous, I’m a simple person and for me, it’s just to get the job done, what I love doing,” he told The Nation as the chat commenced.

Blaq began his journey into acting professionally with a mindset of being true to himself till the public recognises his God-given talent.

“I think it’s important to keep on being yourself and being true to yourself so over the years people will see that and respond to it. So for me, coming into the industry, I didn’t come on the strength of hype, I came on the strength of my God-given talent and that is what I’ve used so far and in the confidence that is also reposed by the public who consume the product of my talent.”

When asked if he sees himself as one of the talented actors in Nollywood, the husky-voiced actor said that his focus is not to be in a position but to be a very good actor.

 “Well, I wasn’t looking for a position when I started, I wasn’t looking to be in a position, I just wanted to be an actor and I wanted to be a good one so my focus primarily is to be able to represent myself to the best of my abilities and have the confidence to step up when names of real actors are mentioned and that is what I’ve concentrated on so whatever comes after that has been an addition and for which I appreciate God for.”

Source; Tale Tela

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