Nigerian Idol: Comfort exit stirs reactions, as Akunna, Emmanuel, Kingdom emerge top 3

Comfort Alalade, 18-year-old singer has been evicted from the Nigerian Idol season 6 show.

Comfort, who was among the top four Nigerian Idol finalists had to leave the show after she secured the lowest number of votes, leaving 3 other constants to battle for the prize.

Her exit has left three contestants, Emmanuel, Akunna and Kingdom to fight for the prize.

Comfort was expected to have exited the competition during the theatre week stage following series of errors but she improved her vocals with time.

However, her exit didn’t come as a surprise to some fans who said her votes till this week were based on pity party.

Here are some reactions by Nigerians to Comfort’s exit;

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@fragilecoeur “ Comfort is out, What God cannot do does not exist.”

@JoeyAkan “ Comfort rode for so long on the strength of her story. She’s from the streets, and they love their own. Every week, while she struggled through each performance, people could see the need for refinement, but continued to vote their heart.She’ll be very fine.”

@Eddyfontaine “ Comfort you have tried. Find your niche out there and soar. I’ll suggest Yoruba gospel songs. She’s way stronger/confident when she sings those cos she feels and believes what she’s singing. She’ll become one of the youngest known gospel artistes off this show.”

@Lohyce_ “ Comfort has finally gone home.”

@Chuzzy “ Thank you Nigeria! Bye Comfort.At this point, anyone who wins it deserves it. Though, I see more of star in Francis Atela tho. Kingdom may just be like Olawale of Project Fame. Akunna, like A’rese (The Voice).”

@Shaxani “ Comfort is gone! Finally! A mistake that should have never happened to be honest.”

@DuchessG “ Comfort said we should meet her at the high”

@EgoOkolobia1 “ It was indeed a journey of great grace for Comfort.”

@DanielNkem8 “ See the way Nigerians are celebrating Comfort’s eviction. She really tortured us.”

Nigerian Idol: Nigerians lament as Faith exits, Comfort, others emerge top 4

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