Nigerias Reacts As Governor Ganduje Reveals When He Will Sign Death Warrant Of Singer Who Insulted Prophet Mohammed

Many Nigerians are reacting after Governor Abdullahi Ganduje

responded to Islamic Clerics in Kano and Supreme Council for

Shari’ah in Nigeria who called on the Kano state government

to take action and execute 22-year-old singer,

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, who was found guilty of blasphemy in Kano.

Commenting on the death sentence, Ganduje promised to

sign the execution order of death sentence on blasphemy

offenders against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as soon as

the Supreme court grants the permission during a stakeholder

meeting with religious clerics, scholars, lawyers and other

relevant stakeholders to sample their opinion on

the court judgement on Thursday August 27.

“The court has done the right thing in passing the judgement.

We were told that by law, the offender has 30 days

to appeal, after which if he failed to do so he should be sentenced,


”He Deserve To Die” Sharia Council Urges Ganduje To Approve The Execution Of Singer Who Insulted Prophet Muhammad

“Having listened to Islamic clerics in the state and other stakeholders, I won’t waste time to sign the execution order immediately the time elapsed or the Supreme Court ruled on the same judgement,

“On the second hand, if he does not appeal within the specified period, I will not spend a minute in signing the death warrant” the Governor stated.

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