Patapaa Prophesies Shatta Wale’s Downfall For Tagging Him As Underground Artiste

Patapaa who strongly believes that he’s not an underground artist even though he is, says he’s disappointed in Shatta Wale for telling him the truth that he’s an underground artiste.

And according to Patapaa, the table will surely turn someday in his favour. Well, let’s wait and see if the table will surely turn.

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Patapaa’s disappointment is on the high heels of Shatta Wale dragging him in his reply to Yaa Pono’s desperate call for beef.

Shatta Wale ended up grouping Yaa Pono and Patapaa in the underground artiste category.

Here’s Patapaa’s prophecy against Shatta Wale for tagging him as an underground artiste.

“They always undermine and underate me but before they realize , I’m their #HERO ! This is a No No No , especially coming from someone I respect so much and calls my God Father.. The table shall surely turn.If it’s not today, it’s tomorrow..I serve a living God and I’m focused”.

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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