Patience Ozokwo Takes Us Back To How She Got Into Nollywood

Patience Ozokwo Takes Us Back To How She Got Into Nollywood.

The popular Veteran actress, Patience Ozokwo has shared some interesting facts about her career as she takes us back to how she got into Nollywood.

Joining the challenge of being like Ngozi, Patience Ozokwo shared an old photo of herself dressed like Ngozi the new director of WTO, and also shared some fun facts about her career.

Talking about how she got into Nollywood, Patience Ozokwo thanked those who helped her by introducing her based on how funny she was in class making them always laugh.

According to her post, her early years in Nollywood were just fun and interesting as she reserves the most interesting parts of how she was practically dragged to Nollywood for another day.

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