Reno Omokri Advise A Social Media Beggar

Reno Omokri Reveals what You Need To Know Before Getting Married

Former presidential aid Reno Omokri felt disrespected my on of his followers who took to his comment section to beg him for 50k .

The lady reacting to a post of Reno Omokri begged him to help her with N50K if he can to support her hairstyle business as the little support he can give her will go a long way to help her and she will appreciate it more.

Reacting to this he in decided to educate the lady on some manners instead of giving her the N50k she asked for since he wasn’t pleased by the way she mentioned his name followed by the request she made to help her know how to ask things later.

According to Reno Omokri, good manners will open more doors for the lady than good looks and books because looking at the way she just flippantly called his name, even if he was disposed to give her the money her approach will make him indispose.

Adding that no matter what you say about Yorubas as a people, they will hardly behave as that lady did because to them diplomacy gives them the edge over others in life and whether God or man, if you know how to approach people you will unlock favors.

Reno Omokri then used an instance in the bible to support his advice to the lady saying many people were touching Christ when He was working her on earth but it was only the woman who touched Him honorably that got what she wanted

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