Rico Swavey raises concerns over how Nigerian girls suddenly have financial problems once a man asks them out

Nigerian actor and reality TV star, Patrick Fakoya better known as Rico Swavey has taken to social media to seek answers to a matter that’s been bothering him.

The Big Brother Naija 2018 contestant wondered why Nigerians girls suddenly remember that they have one financial issue or another whenever a guy asks them out or makes known his intention to date them.

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On several occasions in the past, men have lamented over how Nigerian women start making financial demands and complain about one issue or the other once they ask them out.

According to the men, the women ask for some monetary help to sort out issues, from getting a new phone, to paying school fees as well as paying rent and buying some other item considered a necessity or luxury.

It is this behaviour that Rico is questioning with his Instagram post which reads;

”Why do Nigerian girls suddenly have financial problem once you ask them out?”

See his post below:

Credit: CorrectNG

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