Sister Derby Defends Gays And Lesbians In Ghana And Blasts Ghanaians For Hating On Them

There are currently controversies on the Ghanaian social media space as to whether homosexuality should be legalized or banned forever.

Currently, there is LGBTQI office opened in Accra fully backed by the European Union—and as President Akufo-Addo once said, homosexuality is bound to happen in Ghana.

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Sister Derby has also jumped onto the conversation on Twitter and lambasted Ghanaians for hating on Gays and Lesbians. She describes Ghanaians as homophobes who easily hate than love.

Sister Derby tweeted;

“Why hate when you can love? Coz y’all homophobes find it easier to hate. Y’all are full of fear of what u do not understand. Fearos. LGBT #LGBTQ”.

It’s obvious that Sister Derby is all for homosexuality legalization in Ghana.

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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