Sound Engineer, Da Hammer, Tells GHAMRO Chairman, Rex Omar To Stop Hallucinating After He Posted Conceptual Design For A Proposed Office For GHAMRO

Legendary sound engineer, Da Hammer, has asked the Chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar, to stop hallucinating after he posted photos of a conceptual design for a proposed office for GHAMRO in Kumasi on his Facebook page.

Here is what Rex Omar wrote;

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“Conceptual design for a proposed office for Ghamro in Kumasi after the Accra office and same will be built inTamale. Land is sorted, engineering design is ongoing. You can hate me and say whatever, but I know posterity will be kind to me. 😊


Rex Omar received praises from some Ghanaians but not sound engineer Da Hammer. According to him, these designs aren’t important since there aren’t proper industry systems in place to take Ghanaian music to another level for the betterment of musicians and industry players.

Da Hammer took a screenshot of Rex Omar’s post and asked him to stop hallucinating and put proper systems in place before thinking of building these edifices. He wrote;

“Do tell… lol, Ah!
The quest for Validation often reveals a man’s vulnerability.
Pls salvage what’s left of your dignity by avoiding further harm to your impeccable artistic legacy… the success of an institution lies not in its looks, but the effectiveness of its systems infrastructure.
U think u can daydream Ghamro into an MTN status institution, by just rendering concepts of wishful thoughts. Lol
Do u knw the effective systems these telco’s are running that permits the plausibility of those beautiful offices you’re hallucinating about?lol It’s becoming too painful to watch Mister”.

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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