VIDEO: While Funny Face Is Receiving Injections At The Psychiatrist Hospital, Kwaku Manu Is Busily Cashing Out From His ‘Madness’ On YouTube

The family of Funny Face has angrily asked Kwaku Manu on live radio to pull down videos of him from his monetized YouTube channel.

Apparently, the family has realized that Kwaku Manu is making cash on YouTube from Funny Face’s condition in the name of helping him reunite with his baby mama and kids.

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Kwaku Manu and Funny Face’s family clashed on Peace FM during Kwasi Aboagye‘s Entertainment Review Show this afternoon.

While Funny Face is receiving injections at the Accra Psychiatrist hospital, Kwaku Manu is also cashing out on YouTube.

Listen the interview below…

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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