VIDEO: Wisa Greid’s Wife, Bella Tee, Believes He’ll Never Request For Anal S*x

Wisa Greid’s wife, Bella Tee, believes that he will never ask her for an*l s*x. She should just wait for the demon in him to appear.

During an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Bella Tee said that she doesn’t believe that Wisa Greid aka small ‘D’ man will ever request to penetrate her back h*le.

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Wisa Greid also affirmed that an*l s*x isn’t his thing and that he prefers the pxxy to the back.

Their marriage just started so we are all waiting if Wisa Greid won’t turn a demon someday and request for the back.

Watch the interview below…

Credit: The GossipsCoop

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