Why I Haven’t Made Millions Of Dollars – Moyo Lawal

Moyo LawalMoyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal. Source: Instagram.

Actress Moyo Lawal has said that the reason why she isn’t rich in millions of dollars is that the Nigerian movie industry doesn’t have a good structure in place.

The actress also wondered why some women who are fully clothed are respected despite their inner evils while her kind who flaunts their sexuality is demonized.

Moyo Lawal shared on Instagram: “It just reoccurred to me that, I have been working my ass off since before *I even became an adult *doing honest work ooooh ( if not that Nollywood is the way it is, somebody will have millions of dollars by now.

“But the society only recognizes and appreciates fully dressed women who are married (some with hidden dirty lives by the way) Then, why is that people just naturally assume that sexy females who are comfortable with their sexuality are promiscuous?” she asked.


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