Will and Jada Smith admits to August relationship

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

August Alsina recently made claims of being in a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, claiming Will Smith gave them his blessing, on an emotional red table talk show with Pinkett and Will Smith this same question popped up and the couple had to give a full explanation about it.

During the episode today, Jada admits she had a relationship with August, this event took some years ago according to Jada Pinkett, she says she met August 4years ago, they met cause August had some health issues which was the basis of their meeting.

Jada said along the line she got fond and used to August cause at the time she was secretly separated from Will Smith.

Speaking of her relationship at that time with Smith, Jada Says

“We were over”

Will Smith Also added

“I was done with your a**. … We decided we were going to separate for a period of time and you go figure out how to make yourself happy and I’ll figure out how to make myself happy.”

After all seem every relationship has down time at some point all has to figure, but below is what the couple said ending the show which aired on facebook

“We ride together, we die together,” they said at the same time with a smile.

Source; Tale Tela

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