Your Faves Run Collabs To Catch Up With Him – Cubana ChiefPriest Says As He Shows Off Davido’s Plaques

Celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest has shown off the several plaques award-winning singer Davido has under his belt. The socialite who visited the singer in his home shared a video on his Instagram page admiring the several awards of the singer and went on to take a shot at other artists in the music industry.

Cubana mentioned that other artists in the industry are on several collabos just to catch up with the singer on the several awards that he owns. He mentioned that music was not a wrestling competition so it did not need a tag team. He went on to say they will continue to fight while OBO will keep winning.
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The barman a few months back had claimed that the music industry will collapse if OBO decides to quit. He shared that he had contributed to the industry more than any other artist had done.
Cubana ChiefpriestCubana Chiefpriest
Photo Credit: Instagram

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