Zubby Michael Reveals Why He Is Single(VIDEO)

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Popular Nigerian actor Zubby Michael, recently spoke up about his relation status revealing why he has remained single in an interview with Broadway TV.

Zubby stated during the conversation that he was not in a loving relationship. He, on the other hand, stated that this is the case because he is afraid of women.

Now content with where he is at right now in his life the actor stated that he was willing to give relationship a go.

Women, according to Zubby, can cause destruction, and he’ll never have progressed to his current level if he had a partner, saying that if something bothers him emotionally, it will impact his job.

He stated that the way he focuses his entire attention on filmmaking, and then a lady appears and they have difficulties that make him think, will have an impact on his profession.

In the super star words :“I’m scared of women, I’ve been working since but now I want to give it a chance, “So as a young man, it’s not that women are bad, they are beautiful but there is time for everything. Conquer the first stage of your life.”

Credit: Gistlover

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