Diamond Appiah Could Be Mentally Ill Looking At How She Keeps ‘Stealing’ Pictures Of Cars From Google And Claiming Ownership

A GoFundMe account should be set up to take care of failed musician, politician and Ghana’s bleaching ambassador, Diamond Appiah at the rehabilitation centre because everything shows that she’s mentally sick.


Diamond Appiah is 43 years old but it seems she’s got the brains of a 10-year-old kid looking at how she keeps faking it just to impress strangers on Instagram.

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Diamond Appiah has been busted again for photoshopping her audio company’s name on a picture of a Range Rover she ‘stole’ on Google.

Which sane human being at 43 years will behave this way? She shamelessly posted the ‘stolen’ photo and caption it;

“When ur reality is even better than Social media but u ain’t got time to post 😂😂 la hustle oo so that u can use a Range as ur company car for years whiles they still struggling to change their alacha milk konko 😂😂 I don’t know why artwork, tenants n ekom association even bother demselves on who Jah has blessed when she was a clot in her mother’s womb 😂😂 have u people paid ur house rent yet ??”

‘Stolen’ picture

But thanks to the internet, she’s been busted and getting trolled on Instagram. Diamond Appiah needs help.

Original picture from Google


Credit: TheGossipScoop

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