Don’t Be Fooled! Slim Tea And Waist Trainers Do Not Work – Yvonne Nelson Goes After Fella Makafui, Princess Shyngle And Other Influencers

Yvonne Nelson aka Yaa Asantewaa is going after Fella Makafui, Princess Shyngle and the bunch of Influencers out there deceiving young ladies with the use of slim tea and waist trainers in the name of getting that hourglass figure they so much desire.


Fella Makafui and Princess Shyngle have been advertising and deceiving young ladies on Instagram to buy their waist trainers and slim tea so obviously, this shade from Yvonne Nelson is directed at their fake as*es.

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Yvonne Nelson tweeted;

“Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal,no slimming tea / waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI / snatched body,stop letting these companies / influencers fool you. Two people, a doctor or your mum and one place , the gym can give you that body”.

Yvonne is telling the young ladies to hit the gym if they want that body they so much desire and stop wasting their money on slim tea and waist trainers.


Credit: TheGossipScoop

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