Salma Mumin Ignorantly ‘Backs’ Afia Schwar For Raining Insults On A Married Couple On Instagram

Salma Mumin is one of the bunch of Ghanaian celebrities out there who do not read sh*t on social media before reacting to it. That’s what ignorant people do.


I’m sure if Salma Mumin had taken her time to read what Afia Schwarzenegger aka Fufu Funu wrote about a married couple on Instagram, she would have blocked her and not hit on the like button on the post.

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Afia Schwar posted a photo of a married couple on her Instagram page with a caption full of insults and to our shock, Salma Mumin who obviously didn’t bother to read hit on the like button to back Afia.

Afia’s caption reads;

“You married this thing with this long forehead n you have the guts to call me Names..
Your. Wife looks like a masquerade in makeup..Kwasiampayinbiba .
You married this transgender with a long face n you think you are on top of the world!!foolish her hard cheeks like a refugees.. sia Gay Man”.

I now understand why MTN Ghana threatened to drag Salma Mumin’s ignorant as* to court. That apology saved her.


Credit: TheGossipScoop

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