VIDEO: Ghanaian German-based Footballer, Osei Milla, Thrown Out Of Marital Home By Wife For Cheating

A Ghanaian German-based footballer identified as Osei Milla has been thrown out of marital home by his wife for cheating on her.

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According to reports, Osei Milla is a chronic cheat who performs no husband duties, all he does is sleep with women and spend his money on clothes.

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Via GossipNewzandar News;

“Osei Milla as he is known is a footballer and has been kicked out of his marital home and the reason being he is a chronic womanizer who plays no husband roles in the house yet chasing women and spending all his money on expensive outfits.

According to the wife whose name hasn’t been revealed probably because she also snatched Osei Milla from a woman Osei Milli was married to in Ghana has revealed that Osei Milla refuses to play his role as husband and that includes even paying rent or providing basic things like food. The only thing he does with his money is spending on girls and clothes.

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Checking on the background of Osei Milla, there is confirmation that he was already married in Ghana but because of his travel ambitions and wicked plans, he dumped his wife for another woman in Germany.

Osei Milla who is currently hiding in Germany without papers has two children with his dumped wife.

According to in-depth checks by social media investigators, it is believed that karma is paying back the woman as she also played another man after getting her papers from him.

The said woman who kicked Osei Milla out of her home is believed to have scammed another man with marriage and when she had what she wanted from the relationship she dumped him for Osei Milla-Karma indeed is a bitch !!

A further check indicates that the said woman is barren and hence Osei Milla was only searching for a woman who could bear her children.”

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