VIDEO: Nana Tonardo Exposes Mona Gucci – Says He’s Been Friends With Her For 5 Years But Knows Nothing About Her Law School

Isn’t this shocking? Nana Tonardo says that he has been friends with Mona Gucci for 5 years but for her law school claims, he knows nothing about it.

How can you claim to be a Lawyer and yet none of your friends know about it? Mona Gucci should come out and tell Ghanaians the real truth in this whole law school brouhaha.

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According to Nana Tonardo, despite being friends with Mona Gucci for 5 years, she’s never talked about her law school with him so he cannot state for a fact that she went to law school in the United States.

Watch the interview below…

[embedded content]

Credit: TheGossipScoop

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