VIDEOS: Afia Schwar aka Fufu Funu Takes Her Daughter On A Trip To Dubai To Celebrate Her 7th Birthday

Afia Schwarzenegger‘s daughter, Pena, is seven years old and to celebrate this special day, she had to take her on a trip to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to party. Fufu Funu is doing the most lately.


In videos posted on Afia Schwar‘s Instagram page, she’s seen with her daughter having fun in Dubai and loitering around as if it’s their first time landing in the country.

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Also, she posted photos of herself and her daughter on Instagram to let everyone know that they are indeed partying and chilling in Dubai.

In another video, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen with the Snapchat influencer, Yankey Himself, who got drilled in the backhole by a macho man a few weeks ago.

Birds of the same feathers flock together!! Check the photos and videos out…


Credit: TheGossipScoop

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