Western Togoland: See How Kevin Taylor Predicted The Latest Happenings (Video)

A lot has been happening recently concerning some strange members in the Volta Region who want to claim some part of the region as a country on its own and name it as “Western Togoland.”

Kevin Taylor, who is a media personality, said months ago that there will be a planned clash between militant members of Western Togoland and security forces of Ghana.

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According to Kevin Taylor, the FBI has records of what is happening. He said that some people would be recruited into the National Security and they will be sent to “Western Togoland” in November to cause a lot of Mayhem: Burn houses, cause lots of problems.

He revealed that these thugs recruited into the National Security, after causing Mayhem in ‘Western Togoland’ will then turn around and blame Western Togoland separatists for causing war in Ghana.

Watch the video of what he said below;

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Source: Newzandar.com

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