19-year-old teenager celebrates as she buys her own house, shares photos

A young lady, Tiaret, has taken to social media to celebrate after acquiring her own house.

The teenager identified on Twitter with the handle @tiarettee in a post via the microblogging platform, revealed that she just got her own house at the young age of 19.

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Tiaret, who is also a tattoo artist said she is very grateful that she could make enough money from what she does to give herself a worthy life.

She also appreciated everyone that has been with her all throughout her journey of trying to create something worthwhile for herself.

”Um hello?!?! Just got my first place at 19. Literally eternally grateful I can support myself from just my art. Thank u all for supporting me on this journey and to everyone of my clients for trusting meeee”, the home owner wrote as she shared some photos of the beautiful house.

See her post:

Reacting, @misseverywhereg wrote; Manifesting this for myself because lord knows I need to move OUT.

@mscaprisonne; Why do y’all have to attach an age to everything? Smh.

@theasiaalea; Because that’s a big accomplishment at 19!!!! Why do y’all be hating?

@KaMa_Sly; How you people dey do this thing. Yall make it look so simple and easy. I’m sad right now.

Credit: CorrectNG

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