Businesswoman welcomes her first child after 9 years of waiting, 9 IVFs, and 3 miscarriages

Fashion entrepreneur and businesswoman, Tinuade Soile and her husband, have welcomed their first child after 9 years of waiting.

The fashion designer took to social media to narrate how she had to undergo 9 IVFs and suffered 3 miscarriages while trying to become a mother.

Tinuade known by friends as Tintin also said that she had fibroid surgery.

But God being so merciful, blessed her with safe birth on May 13 as she welcomed her first child who has been christened Asher Modadeola Oluwaseun Soile.

Sharing photos of herself before and after delivery, Tinuade wrote;

“And on 13th of May 2023 The Lord Remembered Tinuade Soile.

Yesterday my Husband and I named our first child after 9 years of hoping and praying…

9 IVFs

3 Miscarriages

1 Fibroid Surgery

Multiple other procedures

5 Months of Bed Rest

My God is Indeed Faithful.

If He has said it He will do it.

His word says I am a fruitful vine and it has come to pass. Hallelujah!!!!!

I’d like to introduce to you Asher, Modadeola, Oluwaseun Soile.

He is going to be a force in his generation and beyond, so look out,” she wrote.

Credit: Newzandar

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